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How to claim the free Cloud Llama board glider in Season 7

The Cloud Llama Board in Fortnite. Image via Victrail on YouTube

Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Event is here and has brought a ton of new additions to the game. This includes new challenges, rewards and even a new NPC.

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event is set to last a couple of weeks and has lots of great rewards for players. The challenges have been leaked and players are looking forward to some really good rewards coming their way.

One of the free Fortnite rewards is the Cloud Llama Board, which is a reward players have been trying to get quickly. The glider is pretty highly anticipated and here’s how to get the free Fortnite Cloud Llama Board.

Cloud Llama Board in Fortnite

The first step towards acquiring the Cloud Llama Board, which is a Legendary glider, is to enter Fortnite Creative mode. Entering Discover mode and inputting the code 4059-2791-0712 will put players into the popular minigame mode Bio Zone Wars Trios.

Being one of the fan favorite minigames that players have created in Fortnite, it seems Epic Games has decided to utilize it.

Bio Zone Wars. Image via YouTube
Bio Zone Wars. Image via YouTube

One quest that can be completed is to deal damage in Fortnite Bio Zone Wars. This can be accomplished by simply playing the game, as most players won’t be able to go through an entire game and not deal some damage.

It’s the easiest challenge to complete as it requires little to no fuss to complete. Damage can be passively collected in-game and will go a long way towards completing the challenge.

Damage dealt in Fortnite. Image via YouTube
Damage dealt in Fortnite. Image via YouTube

The second one is to gain health or apply shields in the same game mode. This one can also be passively completed just by playing the game.

Healing up and applying shields is a natural part of any game in Fortnite, so completing this one can come naturally, too. It may take multiple matches because of the amount of shields and health needed, but it can be done easily.

Assisting teammates with eliminations is the final quest related to Fortnite Bio Zone Wars Trios and can be completed rather easily, too.

Completing this will also take some time, and perhaps some extra effort in leaving opponents nearly eliminated to allow a teammate to finish them off and get an assist. Still, this one can be completed passively as well.

Completing these challenges will reward players with lots of XP and unlock the free Cloud Llama Board.

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