How to get Free Fire characters without spending diamonds

Garena Free Fire has a unique character and pet system that allows players to experiment with new features in battle royale matches. It is what makes the game stand out from other titles.

Characters in Free Fire have unique abilities that aid players significantly on the ground. However, users have to purchase these characters by using the in-game currency, diamonds. Unfortunately, to buy diamonds, they have to spend real cash, which many cannot afford.

This article discusses some of the best ways to get Free Fire characters for free without spending diamonds.

Obtaining Free Fire characters without spending diamonds

1) Log-in events

After every patch update, Garena introduces a daily log-in event where players can claim several characters for free. For example, after the recent OB28 update, the “7-day Check in” event was launched, where players could claim characters like DJ Alok, Chrono, and Xayne for free, though for a limited time.

Players have to keep an eye out for these log-in events, and there will be plenty of opportunities to get characters for free.

2) Buy with gold coins

There are various characters in Free Fire that gamers can buy with gold coins, an in-game currency that they can earn by playing matches.

Characters that can be bought with gold coins
Characters that can be bought with gold coins

The maximum amount of gold coins needed to buy a character is only 8000. With this amount, players can get excellent characters like Hayato, Moco, Laura, etc., without spending any diamonds.

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3) Top-up events

Whenever a new character is released, Garena launches a Top-Up event where players can claim the character for free if they top up a certain amount of diamonds.

The most recent top-up event in Free Fire was for Maro. In the ‘Maro Top Up’ event, gamers had to top up 200 diamonds to claim this character for free.

This way, users did not spend diamonds, instead utilizing them to make other in-game purchases.

Note: Although users have to spend money for diamonds, the top-up rewards are free since no in-game currency is used to obtain them.

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