How to get the Efficiency enchantment in Minecraft

Minecraft has tons of enchantments available to its players, and there are more being added all the time.

While some enchantments add interesting effects, others are reliable when it comes to everyday tasks such as collecting resources or self-defense. For example, the Efficiency enchantment improves the mining/breaking speed of tools. This will allow players to clear large numbers of buildings and resource blocks quickly. Coupled with an enchantment like Fortune, Minecraft players can rack up huge numbers of the materials they need, (ores, in the case of Fortune) in a very short time frame.

Enchanting a tool with Efficiency will require the appropriate tool, an Enchanting Table, an experience level that meets the enchantment’s requirement, and some Lapis Lazuli.

Minecraft: Getting the Efficiency enchantment from your Enchanting Table

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Enchanting Tables can be a little picky about what enchantments they offer a player, and the selection offered is randomized to some degree as well. In order to make sure players get the most bang for their buck from the Enchanting Table, they should give these things a try:

  • Surround the Enchanting Table with bookshelf blocks. Placing them around the table and giving them one block of air of space will transfer the runes of the books into the table, improving the power of the enchantments. It is important not to block the shelves, however. If they are too close to the table or the runes are blocked, the enchantments will not improve. To ensure maximum enchantment boosting, 15 bookshelf blocks will need to be transferring to the Enchanting Table.
  • Gain as many experience levels as possible. The higher a Minecraft player’s experience level, the more powerful the enchantments available to them will be.
  • Ensure that plenty of Lapis Lazuli is placed in the slot alongside the enchantable item. Similarly to experience, some more powerful enchantments require a significant amount of Lapis.

Upon placing the desired tool to enchant with Efficiency (pickaxes, shovels, axes, hoes, shears) and their Lapis Lazuli, the Enchanting Table will display available enchantments on the right of the window. By hovering over each enchantment, Minecraft players will see what each enchantment is by name. Each enchantment will vary in rank and cost. If players don’t immediately see the Efficiency enchantment available, there’s an easy and cost-effective way to reset the available enchantments.

By enchanting a throwaway or miscellaneous item, Minecraft players can reset the enchanting table’s list. With a few repetitions, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find Efficiency when it pops up. After that, all that is needed is to apply the enchantment and reap the benefits of significantly increased block breaking speed.

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