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How to get wither rose in Minecraft easily

In Minecraft, a wither rose is a special flower in the game that has unique negative effects. Like most flowers, players may think that these are just placed in the game as part of the scenery, however, this flower is different from the rest.Fwither

Whenever a player or a mob comes across a wither rose, it is in their best interest not to touch it. When this flower is touched, the player or mob will be granted the wither effect.

The wither effect is something that players massively dread and do not wish to encounter. This effect is similar to poison, and is the same that is inflicted by Wither skeletons and the Wither, which deals damage to players over time.

Wither roses can be used to create black dye in Minecraft. Players can use the dye to change the color of their beds, animal colors, banners, and more.

Some players categorize these flowers with cacti and sweet berry bushes hence they are the only damage dealing plants in the game.

In this article, players will learn how to easily get Wither roses in Minecraft.

How to obtain wither roses in Minecraft

Where to find them

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Surprisingly despite the name, wither roses are found in the overworld. These are rare plants that players can come across in the overworld, but it is very uncommon nonetheless.

Because of the name, it is easy for players to think that these plants are located in the Nether due to the word “wither”, but that is not the case. This is a dark gray and black plant, and it is the only one that emits particles in the game.

How to get them

Wither roses cannot be seen naturally in the peaceful game mode in Minecraft survival. Wither roses can be obtained from the Minecraft creative inventory, or by using a command (cheats must be activated when creating the world.)

Players can also get these roses by ensuring a mob is killed by a Wither, which depends on the location that the mob was in when it was killed.

What can they be used for

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

As stated above, wither roses can be used to create black dye in Minecraft. Players can also use this flower as an ingredient in suspicious stew, however, the stew will be inflicted with the wither effect. This means that upon consumption, the player will be granted this effect.

Players can also use wither roses as traps since these can be placed on most solid blocks. They can use it to place around their base to halt other players and mobs from entering.

These roses can also be used to make wither skeleton farms in the game. No other mobs will spawn with the roses besides the skeletons and players can cover a large area with these plants, allowing only wither skeletons to spawn there at a fast rate.

Players will need to do this in the Nether, and the best place to do it would be at the fortress.

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