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How to make a secret Minecraft Java Edition door easily

Image via Mojang

Minecraft players need a little privacy sometimes. There’s a trick that has existed since the game’s earliest days to create a hidden door that can provide players with some time alone.

There are a few ways to make hidden doors, each with their own complexity. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too many materials for any of the existing methods. Minecraft players won’t have to worry about spending too much time or too many resources to make a secret door. They are simple and can be very effective depending on how much effort the Minecraft player puts into them.

Ways to create a secret door in Minecraft Java Edition

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Minecraft always has multiple avenues when it comes to any building project, but these will be arranged based on complexity when it comes to rigging up a secret door.

One method is as easy as placing a decoration, while others will require the assistance of redstone or sticky pistons. All in all, the amount of complexity that is required comes down to the Minecraft player’s tastes.

Easy method (Painting door)

  • Form a 1×2 hole in a wall that would normally be occupied by a wooden or iron door.
  • Place two wooden signs within the doorway on one side. They will be used to hold the painting in place while allowing players to still walk through it.
  • Hang the painting on the wall adjacent to the doorway so that the painting covers the doorway completely. This will allow Minecraft players to still walk through the painting into another room, but casual observers might not notice the door.

Intermediate Method (Hidden Button)

  • Create an iron door to place within a 1×2 doorway somewhere where it cannot be seen.
  • Place a button adjacent to the door but also out of sight. Buttons can be hidden behind things such as chests, armor stands, paintings, tilled dirt and banners for example.
  • For players that don’t wish to keep the button so close to the door, they can place redstone dust between the button and the door to create a connection. The dust should be hidden as well, as it is a dead giveaway otherwise.

Complex (Sticky Piston and Hidden Lever)

  • Create two 2×2 stacks of sticky pistons facing each other, then place a 1×2 stack next to them to form the two stacks into an L shape.
  • Lay out a 1×2 stack of blocks in the empty space left by the L shape to create a square of stacks in appearance. Be sure to use the same building blocks here as whatever wall you are building the door into so that the wall blends with the door.
  • Build a front wall and a ceiling around the piston blocks while leaving a 2×2 hole in the middle to pass through.
  • Place four redstone repeaters atop the archway just created. They must face apart from each other on each side. Join them together with redstone dust and then add levers, ideally out of sight as well for added stealth.
  • Use the levers to push and pull the sticky pistons, creating the effect of a manually-operated hidden door in Minecraft.

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