How to make health potions in New World

New World is a new MMO for players to experience. Most of the classic mechanics still exist in the game, including the crafting of health potions.

To begin crafting or making anything in New World, players need to level up their skills in a given crafting branch. That includes crafting for elements such as weapons, engineering, food, and potions to aid in combat. The potions themselves, like health potions, can provide players with quick health regeneration or other bonuses.

In New World, health potions are specifically labeled as tinctures or potions. They will become more effective as players level up their crafting skills.

There are two consumable crafting branches for players to level up as they progress. The first one is Cooking, which deals with food and drinks. The second is Arcana, which is a skill that players will want to pursue for potion crafting in the game.

What it takes to craft health potions in New World

As mentioned before, Arcana is a crafting skill that players need to level up for potions in New World. It offers far more than health potion options (such as staves and other tinctures to explore). However, health potions are the main focus of this article.

When starting out Arcana in New World, players will be able to craft the bare minimum for health potions. The first step is crafting the Healing Drop, which is the baseline of health potions in New World. There aren’t many requirements to fulfill before crafting it. As long as a crafting station is found by a fire, players can begin to level up Arcana and create their own Healing Drops.

After the Healing Drop, players can move on to a distilled healing tincture, which is level one of the health potion crafting. At this point, potions are a 1:1 result. As players become more efficient with Arcana, more potions can be created at once, which will help with supply.

With healing tinctures unlocked, players will have to put in far more levels to earn the next health potions for crafting. After level 1, players will need to reach level 20 for the next tier. Level 35 is the tier after that, and it goes on until level 50.

As each tier progresses, the health potions crafted will be far more powerful, and the process will be more efficient in New World.

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