Huge brawls breaks out at Giants practice, furious Joe Judge punishes team with sprints

The New York Giants had their first day of padded practice on Tuesday, and they took full advantage by getting into a wild, full-team brawl that made head coach Joe Judge so angry that he ended practice early to punish everyone. 

Here’s what happened, according to the numerous Giants beat writers who covered every single second of this incident. Running back Corey Clement was brought down hard by Jabrill Peppers at the end of a big run. Evan Engram defended his guy and gave Peppers a huge shove. That set off Logan Ryan, who took down Engram from behind. And that’s when the entire team jumped in. 

Where was quarterback Daniel Jones during all this? He somehow ended up at the bottom of the pile. Considering his 45 sacks last season, that seems to be a talent of his. 

There’s unfortunately no video of the melee, but that’s what your imagination is for — use the newscaster fight during the movie “Anchorman” as a template, but with fewer weapons. You can also imagine how angry Judge was when he saw that display. Once everyone got untangled he lined up all the players and made them do 100-yard sprints, then had them do push-ups in unison on the goal line. Then sprints again, followed by more push-ups, all while Judge was furiously yelling at them. 

According to several beat writers, “furious” doesn’t even begin to describe Judge’s level of anger. 

Players respond: everything’s back to normal

Practice ended after Judge’s final talking-to (or screaming-to) with the team. Back in the locker room, the players had a lot to say about the brawl.

Corey Clement, whose takedown by Jabrill Peppers started the whole thing, was pretty easygoing about everything that happened. He said that everyone in the locker room is back to normal, making jokes and having fun. 

Logan Ryan, who played a big part in the brawl, said that he didn’t regret anything that happened, and confirmed that all the players are still on the same page. 

Daniel Jones said he certainly learned the lesson Judge was trying to impart during his post-brawl tirade. Hopefully he learned not to jump into brawls he’s not involved in, especially as the quarterback.

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