Human Baseball Player Double Jumps Live On Camera

Look, I’m Australian and know almost nothing about the sport of baseball, but I know enough about it—and the human beings playing it—to know that this is not normal.

Here is Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres, jumping not only higher than a man has any business doing, but doing it in a way that defies belief.

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As that video shows, that man just double jumped. He jumped once, really high, then at the apex of his original leap kicked his legs like he was swimming and got a little higher. Not off a wall or a teammate, just…while he was already in the air.

Oh and while doing all that he still managed to make the catch, then land again safely. I think the pitcher’s face sums it all up.

As we have explored on this website previously, games are better with double jumps. Now we know sports highlights are as well.

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