Introducing Ms. Eva, The Poodle In The Viral Video With The Colored Locs (Video)

#Detroit, we in y’all business! 👀

Recently, a video of a dog getting what appears to be locs retwisted went viral, and y’all know we had to reach out to understand exactly what was going on.

According to Liya, a Master Loctician of five years located in Detroit, the poodle in the video is not new to receiving this service.

Ms. Eva, has been getting her hair loc’d for about a year and a half.

Liya says it only took her about 2 hours to complete the task, and Ms. Eva will get a retighten in a few weeks. “It took me 2 hrs. Wash, Retwist, Style. & this was my very first time with her. I’ll see her again for her first Retwist in 4-6 weeks for a tighten up.”

Apparently this isn’t new. For Poodles, the technical term is “cording,” according to reports.

For everyone amazed at how calm Ms. Eva is, Liya contributes the behavior to her owner having a pet grooming service, and sis is clearly about that life! 💁🏾‍♀️🐶 Y’all here for this?

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