Is boxing superstar Gervonta Davis a Mexican?

No. Boxing superstar Gervonta Davis is not Mexican.

Gervonta Davis is an African-American and is one of the most popular athletes in the world today.

Gervonta Davis is one of the brightest rising stars in professional boxing

Gervonta Davis was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on November 7, 1994. His parents are Garrin Davis (father) and Kenya Brown (mother). According to Gossip Gist, the 26-year-old pugilist is reportedly of mixed ethnicity. Nevertheless, as noted earlier, he’s often suggested that he identifies as an African-American.

A feared KO artist and highly skilled boxing savant, Gervonta Davis has held multiple world titles in two separate weight classes thus far. Over the course of his professional boxing career, Davis has held the IBF super featherweight title, WBA (Super) super featherweight title, and the WBA (Regular) lightweight title.

A ring entrance is primarily responsible for the recent Gervonta Davis-Mexican rumors

So, that begs the question – How and when did the rumors of Gervonta Davis being Mexican come to be?

The answer to this lies in Gervonta Davis’ iconic entrance in his previous fight, his showdown against veteran Mexican boxing star Leo Santa Cruz in October 2020.

In his fight against Leo Santa Cruz, Gervonta Davis channeled his inner Floyd Mayweather Jr. and donned traditional Mexican attire, akin to how Mayweather donned traditional Mexican garb for his 2007 fight against Oscar De La Hoya.

Gervonta Davis is signed to Mayweather Promotions and has often asserted that not only is Floyd Mayweather his promoter but also his mentor and idol. Davis was dressed in Mexican garb for his fight against Santa Cruz as a way of paying homage to Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather had chosen traditional Mexican attire for his entrance in his fight against Oscar De La Hoya as a way of engaging in mental warfare. The consensus in the boxing community was that since ‘The Golden Boy’ is an American fighter of Mexican heritage, Mayweather making his entrance in Mexican attire would be a way of infuriating De La Hoya.

The buildup to Floyd Mayweather’s fight against Oscar De La Hoya witnessed Mayweather engage in a considerable amount of trash talk towards his opponent. From professional jibes to personal insults, nothing was off the table in their clash. The Mexican-attire ring entrance was another one of Mayweather’s mind games against The Golden Boy ahead of their fight.

The fight saw Mayweather defeat De La Hoya via split decision. It was a watershed moment in boxing history and helped Mayweather rise to superstardom by beating the legendary De La Hoya.

Similarly, Gervonta Davis followed up his Mexican-attire ring entrance in his 2020 fight against Leo Santa Cruz by dominantly defeating him. Davis beat Santa Cruz via a sixth-round KO. The fight saw Gervonta Davis retain the WBA (Regular) lightweight title and win the WBA (Super) super featherweight title.

As of this writing, we’re just hours away from Gervonta Davis’ next fight. Tonight (June 26th, 2021), at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, Davis is set to compete against Mario Barrios in a twelve-round bout for the WBA (Regular) super lightweight title.

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