Is Dong-kyung seeing the future? Fans speculate over funeral scene.

Doom at Your Service episode 13 has left fans in a tizz over the fate of the female lead and the male lead.

In Doom at Your Service episode 13, Dong-kyung and Myulmang finally managed to find each others memories, but the dream of Dong-Kyung’s funeral has left fans wondering if Dong-kyung is capable of seeing the future.

“Doom at Your Service” time slip theory

The theory connects to a scene in earlier episodes of Doom at Your Service in which Dong-kyung recalls watching Myulmang sob at a funeral home.

Dong-kyung believed she had seen him in the past when she herself had been at the funeral home after her parents’ death. But what if that wasn’t the case?

What if the funeral was indeed Dong-kyung’s herself? After all, she remembered the incident only after Sonyeoshin bumped into her, and it is not hard to believe that Sonyeoshin would manipulate Dong-kyung or Myulmang.

So that would mean that Dong-kyung is also able to look at the future. Her dream in which she saw Myulmang in tears may not be a simple dream. It could be an indication of where her life is headed.

If this were the case, Dong-kyung’s death is certain. In that case, what would Myulmang’s choice be? Would he attempt to disappear after Dong-kyung’s death? This is a question that Doom at Your Service episode 14 will answer.

Connection between episode 13 and time slip theory

The funeral scene indicates that Myulmang and Dong-kyung could be stuck in a kind of a time slip enforced by Sonyeoshin in the future. If Dong-kyung doesn’t choose to forget her memories of Myulmang as Sonyeoshin had wanted, the two might be stuck in a slip where they are unable to move forward.

Here’s how fans connected the funeral scene to that of the promo of Doom at your Service episode 13. One fan on the Reddit episode disccusion thread wrote, “Hello Doomers, we are almost at the finish line, 4 last episodes and we will know what will happen with ML and FL and also the love triangle. We saw on the preview he was crying. Was she seeing the future or that really happened? Are they stuck in a loop? So many questions!”

In response to this Redditor, another user further added to the theory and said, “This isn’t the first time she has had this vision. Remember earlier, when like in ep3/4 when TDK, was talking about how he was crying at the funeral parlour over a women, I think that woman is TDK herself, as she started seeing the vision after god collided with her, and she is god maybe she implanted it in her memory that he was crying when her parents died. You know a little memory gameplay.”

Can Sonyeoshin have planned it all for Myulmang?

Myulmang had always known that Sonyeoshin had the upperhand when it came to designing fate. So this theory would make complete sense, except for certain minor details that differentiate between the first funeral scene and one that was featured in episode 13 of Doom at Your Service.

For instance, if we rewatch the earlier episode of Doom at Your Service, the scene that Dong-kyung witnessed took place across her parents’ funeral hall. She had noticed that the funeral was for an old lady, not a young woman.

This could mean two things. Either the makers are not aiming to include a time slip, or that the old lady is in fact Dong-kyung which would then indicate that Myulmang and Dong-kyung led a good life until she reached her old age.

Of course, the funeral hall decor was also quite different from the earlier one. So it would be interesting to see how this funeral scene will be used in the upcoming episodes of Doom at Your Service.

Doom at Your Service episode 13 will air on June 21, at 9 pm Korean Standard Time, and can be streamed on Viki.

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