“It really wasn’t a doctor stoppage. It was a TKO, you lost”

Conor McGregor’s UFC 264 loss has sent the MMA world into a frenzy after he caused controversy with his post-fight antics.

After his second defeat to Poirier this year, McGregor repeatedly yelled that it was a doctor’s stoppage and that his rivalry with ‘The Diamond’ is not over.

UFC president Dana White and Dustin Poirier also reciprocated the same sentiment about the fight, suggesting there will be a fourth fight in the works at some point in the future.

Meanwhile, former UFC referee John McCarthy gave his take on the fight on his podcast. He said:

“I’ll tell you what it needs to be. I love when a fighter is telling people what the stoppage is because it really wasn’t a doctor’s stoppage. When his ankle went, or his leg whatever it’s going to be, that fight’s over, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need the doctor to say it. Now, Herb waited, and the doctor said yeah his ankle’s broken, he called the fight. It’s a TKO. You lost.”

McCarthy was referring to Conor McGregor’s antics after the fight and said there was no way McGregor could’ve continued.

There was some speculation about how the fight would’ve gone if Conor McGregor hadn’t sustained his injury, but he was convincingly losing the round before the gruesome injury.

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John McCarthy says that Conor McGregor’s ankle broke after one of Poirier’s checks

John McCarthy then talked about the point where Conor sustained his injury, suggesting that it was one of the calf kicks that Dustin Poirier checked which caused the leg break. He said:

“That is just the way it is and I do believe that if you go back and watch it was one of the checks because if you watch, when Conor takes a step before he does the buckle, you’ll see his lower leg ankle buckle…and then he takes the step back and it folds.”

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