James Corden gets grilled by kid reporters over pants-less Peter Rabbit, not being in ‘Star Wars’

As host of CBS’s The Late Late Show, James Corden knows what it takes to be a good interviewer. And he immediately liked what he saw from Lyla (8) and Luna (5), co-hosts of Yahoo Entertainment’s Kid Gloves series.

“It’s so nice to talk to you, it’s so much better talking to you than it is your dad, I can already tell you’re better at this,” cracked Corden in the video above. (Lyla and Luna are the daughters of Yahoo Entertainment senior correspondent and host Kevin Polowy.)

Of course, this was before the hard-hitting questions came for Corden, who returns to screens as the voice of the titular mischievous rabbit in Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.

For instance, why does Peter wear a jacket but no pants? (“That’s weird.”)

“The reason he wears that jacket is that that jacket belonged to his father, and it was the last thing that his father was wearing, so Peter has a huge emotional attachment to that jacket,” explained Corden. “But I don’t know why he doesn’t wear pants.”

And while the girls enjoy the constant physical abuse Corden’s co-star Domnhall Gleeson (who plays Mr. Thomas McGregor in the Peter Rabbit movies and General Hux in the latest Star Wars trilogy) endures at the hands of Peter, they want to want to know why the actor/talk show host hasn’t been in a Star Wars episode himself.

“I’m not in Star Wars,” Corden says. “I’ve never been asked to be in it. But nor have most people. Most people have never been asked to be in Star Wars.”

That did not stop the girls from reminding Corden how many people have been, though.

We told you these kids are tough. Watch the full video above.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is now playing.

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