Jay Bilas reacts to four Pac-12 teams in Sweet 16

Jay Bilas reacts to four Pac-12 teams in Sweet 16

Entering Sweet 16, 1/4th of the teams are owned by the Pac-12. Though the NCAA tournament is operated by Oregon, the USC, OregonState and UCLA are cordially a surprise. Jay Bilas, the college basketball analyst from the ESPN group explained why the 4 Pac-12 initiatives each possess tools for Elite Eight mien.

Post Monday’s game, Bilas said that UCLA’s been quite good throughout the year, overcoming the loss of senior guard Chris Smith to an injury. They did not play that well last year which certainly did not help them, he continued.

Oregon is healthy now than what their position was earlier this year, Bilas said. Though they did not have junior guard Will Richardson the entire year but still the team has managed to be healthy now, and switch defences, he further said.

USC is the one that covers the rim as they were so difficult to score upon, having Evan Mobley be the player of the year in Pac-12, said Bilas. However, the surprise obviously comes from Oregon State who have been on a roll, he added.

The one thing that stands out to Bilas the most is that Oregon is now healthy. Now, they are much better than a seven seed and he thinks that they are a threat to Gonzaga.

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