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Jets’ La’Mical Perine has embarrassing beer shotgun fail

Jets' La'Mical Perine has embarrassing beer shotgun fail

Pour one out for La’Mical Perine.

The 23-year-old Jets running back failed to shotgun a beer on Thursday while pre-gaming en route to the Islanders’ Game 3 matchup against the Lightning in Uniondale.

Someone on the party bus called for a shotgunning contest, which is where it all went downhill for the running back. In the tragic video from TMZ, Perine spills the beer all over himself.

In the video, Perine tries to drink out of the side of the can without popping the tab, which prevents air from going through the can. Once he opens the top, somehow things only got worse as he drenches himself and his sneakers with Bud Light.

“I almost threw up,” he says at the end of the clip after a glorious two seconds of chugging.

La'Mical Perine Beer Chug
Jets running back La’Mical Perine failed to shotgun a beer on Thursday.

“Damn they got my dawg,” Cashman wrote on Twitter. “lmao we tried to teach him. Cut my boy some slack tho he’s a first timer.”

The night didn’t go much better for the Isles who fell 2-1 to Tampa Bay following what some can argue was a made up penalty against Adam Pelech.

Perine has more than just his chugging abilities to prove this season. The sixth-round pick of the 2020 draft struggled through injuries, caught COVID-19, and now has to fight for his spot in the backfield against Tevin Coleman.

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