Jibber With Jaber & Maz Jobrani Collaborates to Create an Episode Together

Discovering new podcasts can be one of the most exciting parts about discovering a new podcaster. There are just no words to describe the feeling of joy watching the artist you knew was about to blow up – actually blow up in the podcaster world. Fanbases continue to grow and grow and they finally get to see their podcasters in the limelight. From there, we’ve seen snowball effects begin to take place for so many talented artists. But the rapid rise to fame also has plenty of consequences.

However, for an artist like Ahmad Jaber AKA ‘Jibber with Jaber’, fortune is just one of the perks of making podcasts, but at the end of the day, he makes sure it’s always about his fans. Jaber’s fans are ready for his podcasts to take the industry by storm and with a pure talented artistry like his, it’s truly just a matter of time before its lights, camera, and action.

Maz Jobrani is an Iranian-American comedian and actor who is best known for starring on the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour. His wits focus on race and the misunderstanding of Middle Easterners in America. 

Ahmad Jaber had recently recorded an episode with Maz Jobrani, where they talk all things Comedy, the origin of Axis of Evil, future projects in the midst of pandemic, and how Maz almost convinced AJ to get the vaccine! 

In this episode, Maz shares his career journey having Iranian parents, from playing batman at his first high school musical show to performing on the big screen, from earning his first 100 bucks in comedy to having his own show, and much more!

This podcast has been published on platforms like Spotify and Youtube. Make sure to tap in with him across all socials.

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