JLab debuts $20 true wireless earbuds with 8-hour battery life and touch controls

In 2020, I found out just how solid a pair of $29 true wireless earbuds could be. JLab’s Go Air covers all the basics even though they lack the polish of more expensive sets. For its latest buds, the Go Air Pop, the company is taking things a step further with better battery life and a fully enclosed charging case. JLab cut the price even more too: these earbuds will only cost you $20. 

Like the Go Air, you’ll get all of the core functionality of true wireless earbuds with the Go Air Pop. That includes on-board touch controls, the ability to use either earbud independently, EQ presets and IPX4 moisture resistance. The overall design of the buds is also similar, although JLab says the Go Air Pop is 15 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the Go Air. 

JLab Go Air Pop


The biggest differences are the case and the battery life. The Go Air comes in an open case with an attached USB cable that tucks in the bottom. The integrated plug is back on the Go Air Pop, but the case has a lid like almost every other set of true wireless buds. JLab extended battery life to eight hours on the buds themselves, up from five on the Go Air. The case will give you three additional charges before you’ll need to plug the whole set in. 

JLab isn’t the only company cranking out sub-$30 true wireless earbuds. Skullcandy debuted the $25 Dime back in March, a set of buds with a more AirPod-like design. The Dime can only muster three and a half hours on a charge, but it does offer on-board controls and IPX4 water resistance for your workouts. 

The Go Air Pop will ship in late August. When it does, you can choose between black, lilac, rose, slate and teal color options. 

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