Jud Fabian drafted 40th overall by Red Sox

Jud Fabian became the first Florida Gator selected in the 2021 MLB Draft when the Boston Red Sox selected him 40th overall in the second round.

Fabian is the second-highest Florida outfielder ever drafted. Brad Wilkerson holds that title when he was selected 33rd overall in the 1998 MLB Draft and Buddy Reed was the 48th pick in the 2016 MLB Draft.

Fabian has a lot of leverage when it comes to the Red Sox signing him. Fabian entered college a year early and that makes him one of the youngest college draft-eligible players this year. Additionally, because of the COVID season, Fabian is a sophomore with two more years of eligibility left. He could return to Florida, putting him back with the rest of his natural grade and still have leverage next season. His younger brother, Deric, will also join the Gators this summer.

The slot value for the 40th pick is $1,856,700.

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