Juventus first-team placed in insolation after Hamza Rafia tests positive for COVID-19

In an official statement, Juventus have confirmed that their entire first team has been placed in self-isolation following Hamza Rafia’s positive COVID-19 test. The team can continue training at the Continassa facility but can’t have contact with anyone outside their bio-safety bubble.

Ahead of their pre-season Joan Gamper Trophy clash with Barcelona next weekend, Juventus and new manager Massimiliano Allegri’s preparations have been in full swing. It has been boosted by the return of quite a few players following an extended break after the Euro 2020 and the Copa America 2021 with Cristiano Ronaldo making his return as well. However, ahead of the game, reports indicated that a player from within the Juventus camp had tested positive for COVID-19.

That has now been confirmed with Hamza Rafia the aforementioned player and it has seen the entire first-team squad placed in fiduciary isolation. That was also confirmed by Juventus, with it in accordance with the COVID-19 regulations in Italy, but it does allow the first-team to continue training although they can’t have any contact with people outside the bubble. The statement also revealed that only “negative subjects” will be allowed to carry out training.

“Juventus Football Club announces that, during the checks provided for by the protocol in force, Hamza Rafia has tested positive with Covid-19. In compliance with the legislation and in agreement with the local health authority, the team group has entered into fiduciary isolation as of today,” reads the statement on the club’s website.

“This procedure will allow all negative subjects to carry out regular training and match activities, but will not allow contact with the outside of the group.”

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