Kate Middleton Gets Exposed To COVID-19 And Is Self-Quarantining – Details!

According to new reports, the Duchess had no choice but to quarantine herself at home after getting exposed to COVID-19 just last week while at several Euros and Wimbledon sporting events. Check out the details!

One spokesperson for the Royal Family revealed that Kate Middleton came in contact with someone who has, in the meantime, tested positive for coronavirus !

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As a result, she is being extra careful and staying at home for the following two weeks as the pandemic guidelines require, despite her not experiencing any symptoms as of yet.

Not only that but, Kate has also received both doses of the vaccine.

With that being said, while the chances of her testing positive are extremely slim, it is believed that a vaccinated person can still spread the virus.

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The rep told E! News that ‘Her Royal Highness isn’t experiencing any symptoms, but she is following all relevant government guidelines and is now self-isolating at home.’

As for when she learned about getting exposed to the virus, it reportedly was on July 2, and that is when she also started isolating.

The day prior, her husband Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, attended the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.

Her sons stated at the event that they still ‘remember her love, strength and character, qualities which made her a force for good all around the world, changing countless lives for the better. Every day, we wish that she were still with us.’

Kate, however, was not at the event honoring Lady Di and the Palace did not share how exactly she got exposed to COVID-19.

Speaking of the virus, Harry and William’s father, Prince Charles tested positive back in March but was able to recover.

Furthermore, the Queen herself, was, in fact, the first Royal family member to get vaccinated.

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