“Kayla starts to actually like Baron”

Baron Corbin’s latest WWE storyline revolves around his character’s financial woes, and it has definitely become a hot topic of conversation for the wrestling world. Tag team legend Bully Ray recently spoke about his idea for an angle featuring Corbin and WWE SmackDown correspondent Kayla Braxton.

Last month on Talking Smack, Braxton questioned Corbin regarding his fall from grace in a backstage segment. Ray highlighted this interaction on Busted Open Radio and used it as a jumping-off point for a potential romance storyline between the two current WWE personalities.

He explained how such an angle would eventually bring out Baron Corbin’s villainous tendencies in WWE.

“Remember that week when Baron was talking to Kayla Braxton, and Kayla was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll help you get the stain out of the shirt’? They have a story there.” Bully Ray continued, “And the story is, Kayla should start to feel bad for Baron Corbin. And every time Baron Corbin kind of talks about how he is down on his luck, Kayla comes to the rescue, ’cause she’s just a good woman. Little by little, Kayla starts to actually like Baron because she realizes that, ‘Wow. He is actually a nice guy. He’s just been dealt a bad hand.’ And she slowly starts to fall for him. But Baron realizes that she’s falling for him, and thus, starts to take advantage of Kayla. Then, you bring in a fresh babyface to her rescue.”

Bully Ray on how his WWE storyline idea relates to real-life

The WWE Hall of Famer also said that fans would be rooting for Kayla Braxton in such a scenario, given how likable she is on television.

It’s no secret that real-life relationships depend on the “trust factor,” and Bully Ray believes that could be the driving force behind his storyline idea for Corbin and Braxton.

“And poor little Kayla Braxton, everybody likes her,” stated Bully Ray. “People are going to be screaming at the top of their lungs, ‘Don’t trust him! Don’t trust him!’ And in real life, don’t we see this happen in relationships all the time? It comes down to a trust factor. That’s the thread – Trust. We all want to trust somebody and think that there’s actually a good person that lies beneath the bad person.”

Baron Corbin’s downward spiral is also reflected in terms of matches, as he has lost more than five bouts in succession recently.

The SmackDown star’s latest misfortune took place when he appeared on WWE RAW this week, losing to Drew McIntyre in a clash that lasted almost 10 minutes.

Check out the most recent edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW in the video posted above, where Vince Russo talked about Corbin’s new WWE gimmick.

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