Kenny Omega slams fan who claimed he was kicked out of Ohio Valley Wrestling

Kenny Omega recently hit back at a fan who claimed the AEW Champion was thrown out of OVW for refusing to learn from wrestling veterans.

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) served as WWE’s developmental territory from 1999-2008, where several modern-day greats of the business found their footing. Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Batista are among the many stars who trained in OVW before achieving global success in WWE.

A few hours ago, a Twitter user claimed that Kenny Omega worked for OVW in the past, where he “pissed” off many veterans due to his attitude. The fan further wrote that Omega was eventually kicked out of the promotion for not following the instructions of his superiors.

Hitting back at the false claims, Kenny Omega slammed the fan for believing in inconsequential conspiracy theories and publicly making a fool out of himself. Omega also clarified that he never trained in OVW and was never fired from any promotion in the past.

“This is what happens when you’re proud to be a beta, a follower, and member of a “cult”. You’ll believe anything that fits your desired narrative and publicly look like a f***ing fool for it. (BTW, never once been to OVW. Never been kicked out of any promotion. Try again),” tweeted Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega trained in Deep South Wrestling in 2006

While Kenny Omega has never trained or worked in OVW, he has been a part of the WWE system in the past. The AEW Champion instead trained in Deep South Wrestling in 2005-2006, which also served as WWE’s developmental territory from 2005-2007.

During his appearance on Edge and Christian Cage’s podcast, Pod of Awesomeness, in 2017, Kenny Omega was highly critical of his time in the promotion. Omega revealed that he was in a tag team with IMPACT Wrestling star Heath Slater, which didn’t achieve much success.

Soon after, Kenny Omega requested his release from Deep South Wrestling and made his way to Japan, where he performed in DDT Wrestling before eventually joining NJPW.

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