King Corbin praised by former WWE star (Exclusive)

Perhaps nobody in WWE garners as much heel heat as King Corbin. The man who lost his crown on SmackDown recently is perhaps the most despised heel in WWE, which some may say is a testament to how good he is at his job.

Behind the gimmick, however, King Corbin is a great guy and former WWE Superstar Westin Blake told us as much in an exclusive interview. You can check out the entire conversation by clicking on the link below.

Westin Blake and Steve Cutler were both very excited to work with King Corbin on WWE SmackDown

Westin Blake and King Corbin knew each other from their days in NXT and so the former was excited to be a part of the Knights of the Lone Wolf.

“He was one of the guys that I rode with when I first got there. He was in FCW in Tampa for a little bit of time before I got there. So just his perception of the business and what he thought and how he thought, seeing things go on, was very interesting to me. He was very nice to me, in terms of helping me out in any way he could. Gave me good feedback and stuff like that,” said Blake.

Both Blake and Cutler were really kicked to work with King Corbin and here’s why right from Westin Blake’s mouth:

“Corbin’s someone that’s on SmackDown every Friday. He’s in front of your TV every week and stuff like that. He’s very hard working. He’s another exceptional talent who had success in NXT and also up on the main roster. So it was very fun to be under his learning tree for a little bit of time.”

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