Knockout City’s Season 2 begins July 27, with new map and new loot

Knockout City’s second season, a movie-themed romp through Velan Studios’ new multiplayer dodgeball game, will begin July 27 on all platforms. “Fight at the Movies,” as the season is called, will offer players another series of tiered rewards to claim, including new skins, new dodgeballs, and more.

Season 2’s premiere date was revealed in a sneak-peek development roadmap published at the end of June. In the same post, Velan said Season 2 would bring a new map, five new playlists, and three special events, among other features. Season 3 is due to launch in the fall, followed by Season 4 in the winter.

In the trailer shown Thursday at EA Play 2021, Knockout City’s new maps all took on the look of a Hollywood set, with a guest appearance from a giant mech stomping through one map. Other arenas included a castle and a strange, larger-than-life-size child’s bedroom.

Knockout City launched May 25 on all current platforms except for mobile devices. The full game is free for anyone to play, up to Street Rank 25, which is a good six or so hours of progression. That’s partly why the new game has been able to draw an audience of about 5 million players so far.

The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC via Steam and Origin, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. All versions are cross-play and cross-progression compatible.

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