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Kovid Mittal Shares His Excitement About His New Horror Film ‘The Unknown’ and Plot Behind it

Kovid Mittal Shares His Excitement About His New Horror Film 'The Unknown' and Plot Behind it

I am still a very new actor and I feel my work needs more visibilty so I can make my presence felt as an artist .So whenever I get a call to audition for a role theres always an excitement and hopes behind it. So I got a call from Santosh kumari who is a producer for this horror film ” The Unknown”. I love doing horror genre, we all know ghosts or demons don’t exist in real but still when we talk about it there’s always sense of fear attached to this genre. She narrated me the story and told me it’s going to be a pilot project before they dive into feature film. I was really convinced by the idea it really works well for all new film makers to do a pilot/short film on the same plot before the same story can be sketched into a feature film.This gives the producer & director exact idea about background music score, screenplay and how well the film is recieved at film festivals . All the shortcomings in pilot film could be improvised and taken care of during the making of feature project.

The unknown plot is going to be India’s first zombie apocalypse franchise if ever the production house decides to make a feature or sequel to it. So it’s basically starts off on a innocent note, a painter name Kevin to overcome his loneliness adds people over social media and when they meet plot starts unfolding in manner one doesn’t wish for if this was a real life scenario. I loved my character, its a 10 minute pilot film and I get to expose my two extreme ends of character Kevin’s personality. Being an outsider I wish this film does get good viewership as its hard to get opportunities to play as lead in this industry and producers do make a full feature film as i really loved the ideas of zombies since my childhood. Hollywood movies like Resident Evil, conjuring and Jeepers creepers are one of my favourite from the lot.

Julia a Ukrainian artist playes the lead role opposite me. When I first met her on set I got to know she is basically a dancer From Ukraine and this was her first acting debut and she performed her role exceptionally well .

I am a big fan of vera Farmiga ever since I saw The Conjuring, the way she has carried the role of Lorraine warren and taken the series so far is commendable.

Its hard to pull off a horror genre because audience knows the reality and that 90 minutes they watch your film you have to hallucinate them that there is an existence of dark world out there that is unexplainable by science. It really needs a well written script, good BGM score , and a crew who can maneuver the visual effects to make everything look real. Forever Melodies was the production house behind this film, they started off as a record label and this will be their first film production as well.

So hope this film does make some waves across festivals and OTT platforms like disney hotstar, MX player, airtel hungama .

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