Kucherov continues glorious Stanley Cup celebration with ‘$18M over cap’ shirt

On one hand, more NHL stars should stir the pot like Nikita Kucherov has done following the Lightning’s repeat Stanley Cup wins. On the other hand, it might be almost as tough to top Kucherov’s trolling as it is to match his prolific scoring.

Following the Lightning’s Stanley Cup-clinching win, Kucherov gave an incredible shirtless press conference. If, for some reason, you missed it, please amend that now. (The video’s above.)

After angering Canadiens fans (and praising Andrei Vasilevskiy) while perhaps seeming tipsy, Kucherov continued his Stanley Cup victory lap. Interestingly, this time Kucherov’s shirt is the story, as he referenced the many gripes about the Lightning being “$18M above the cap” in this Instagram photo. Also of note: the Stanley Cup and Super Bowl Trophy.

If you’re like me, you didn’t notice the part of Kucherov’s shirt where he’s drinking a beer at first. Even better. Heck, it’s downright savvy, as maybe Bud Light will help Kucherov make up some of the difference in starring for the Lightning a bit under market value?

Anyway, maximum credit to Kucherov for trolling people about the LTIR/salary cap beefs, and just generally living his best life. Here’s to other players celebrating their Stanley Cup wins less boringly — but still, of course, responsibly.

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