Lady Gaga Stuns In New Sultry Pic That Has Fans Gushing Over Her!

The singer took to her go-to platform to share a new pic in which she looked as stunning as ever! Check out Lady Gaga’s hot new photo here!
The star was definitley feeling herself when she decided to post the sultry picture on social media and it’s safe to say that fans showed her a lot of love in the comment section!
She can be seen laying on a bed with a diamond in her mouth and if that is not the definition of glam, then what is?
The seductice picture was shared on Instagram yesterday, her makeup done to perfection in her usual style.
More precisely, she was rocking the iconic Lady Gaga cat-eyeliner which only highlighted her striking gaze as she looked straight into the camera.
As for the fashion, not much could be seen since the shot was more of a close-up of her face but it looked like she was all wrapped up in a silver fabric and also accesorizing with a crystal choker that matched perfectly the much bigger rock she was biting for the shot.
The caption did not contain any words, Gaga resorting to only using a champagne bottle emoji, a black heart emoji, and a sleepy face emoji!
Fans were quick to shower her with love in the commets under the image, writing things like: ‘Gorgeous,’ / ‘Te amo gaga,’ / Te amo Gaga (I love you, Gaga, in Spanish,)’ / ‘obsessed with that liner queen,’ and ‘Born this way!’
The last one suggests that Lady Gaga was born stunning, of course, while also being a clever reference to the artist’s 2011 album and song with that same title.
This comes after Lady Gaga also made headlines for appearing on the Friends reunion special.
She used this oportunity to show some love to Lisa Kudrow: ‘Thank you for being the one person for all of us on Friends… I do not know if this is the right way to say it, but the different one or the one that was truly herself.’

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