Lamar Jackson smokes fan in football drills

What can’t Lamar Jackson do?

On Monday, a video of the Baltimore Ravens quarterback went viral on Twitter, showing him aggressively putting on the clamps on a teenager while at cornerback. Jackson presses the boy and shows his strength by shoving him out of play and close to the fence, leaving the teenager unable to finish his route.

The former Heisman Trophy winner then showed off his chops as a receiver. Jackson gives a couple of quick steps before juking the corner out of his shoes and blowing by him. He then hauls in the easy catch.

“God damn, he left your feet. He made you leave your feet,” one as the video points to the slides the cornerback left behind.

While Jackson does not have to worry about getting beat by some college kids, he should worry about injuries. The 2019 MVP was playing on a cement basketball court. One slip, one fall or just one bad step could have been bad news for the quarterback.

Jackson, and his mom, are in the middle of negotiating a contract that could put the quarterback in range of Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs $450 million megadeal. But, if he gets injured — say, fooling around with fans — those talks could hit a stalemate.

Lamar Jackson didn't go easy on this fan.
Lamar Jackson didn’t go easy on this fan.

The 24-year-old is heading into his fourth season with the Ravens and has two years left on his rookie deal. He is set to make just north of $1.7 million this season. But, since Baltimore exercised his fifth-year option, Jackson will make $23 million in the final year of his contract.

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