Last-place SK Gaming tops MAD Lions with a powerful Dr. Mundo

After a handful of upsets in the LEC Week 5 matchups, the first half of Week 6’s games fell in favor of the higher-ranked teams except for one.

SK Gaming, one of the most underperforming teams this Summer Split, managed to find a victory over MAD Lions, who once competed for the top spot earlier in June.

Though Astralis came into today’s bout with some momentum after upsetting Misfits, they couldn’t rally against Fnatic as they solidified the top LEC spot. G2 continued their win streak over Vitality in a high-kill game, and Misfits played a close one with EXCEL.

As expected, Rogue slaughtered Schalke 04 to tie Fnatic in points in the LEC Summer Split, but they still have work to do to regain the number 1 rank.

League of Legends LEC results after SK Gaming rolls over MAD Lions

Vetheo’s Zoe carries Misfits over an aggressive EXCEL team

EXCEL took the fight to Misfits early on, performing several successful dives in the top and bot lanes where Markoon and Patrik started off with an early surge of power. At 17 minutes, both teams held 1 drake, 2 towers, 6 kills, and differed in gold by 1k.

EXCEL also tried to secure an early baron by picking Razork off in the river, but Misfits was able to disrupt the process and take a kill as well. Vetheo started off 0-0-5 with a Dark Seal that helped elevate him to a 6-0-6 to nuke everyone on EXCEL’s team and take the win after a deadlocked beginning of the game.

Rogue returns to normal from last week’s loss to dominate Schalke 04

After being crushed by G2 last week, Rogue pulled themselves together to handily defeat a weak Schalke 04 and hand them their 4th straight loss. Larssen pulled a strong Lucian off the bench, finishing 7-0-3 as two other members of his team survived the entire game as well.

Schalke seems to be falling through the cracks after they decided to sell their LEC spot. Rogue took the only drakes and barons in the game while quadrupling Schalke’s kills 16-4 to snatch a win.

SK Gaming upsets MAD Lions with an unstoppable Mundo in the Jungle

MAD Lions tried their best to push SK Gaming around, destroying 5 towers and killing 3 drakes, but Treatz’s Dr. Mundo steamrolled the teamfights as the game progressed.

After Mundo’s rework, he’s seen some appearances in the LEC, but this game represents how he can smack a team around with ease.

All MAD Lions players performed similarly with no one dropping the ball too much. They’ll look to recover with a game against Vitality tomorrow to put themselves back on track.

Fnatic keeps first place against Astralis’s momentum

Astralis pulled off a sneaky win last week against Misfits, but they couldn’t repeat the magic against LEC’s new top team. Fnatic’s strong coordination accelerated their kills as they scored 27 in one game, the second most from any team this Summer Split.

Upset’s Kai’sa shred through Astralis like knives as he took 11 of his team’s kills on 0 deaths. His team fired out of the gate with a mission to cement their spot in the LEC, and today’s performance should prove they deserve it.

G2’s Rekkles and Jankos compete for kill leader as they surpass Vitality

G2’s ADC and Jungler combined for 16 of their team’s 25 kills at 8 apiece to carry them to victory. Crownshot was the only Vitality member to perform well as the rest of his team finished with 8 kills on 22 deaths.

In addition, G2 placed an interesting pick by sending Wunder into the top lane with Sejuani against Szygenda’s Sett. The peculiar selection worked, however, as they only allowed Vitality to take 1 tower and 1 drake.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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