League of Legends’ new cinematic Absolution ends the Ruined King story

Riot Games has introduced a new event to the world of Runeterra, where the Ruined King Viego scours the world of League of Legends in search of his dead wife’s soul. To send him and his undead army back, an ancient order called the Sentinels of Light rise up. The group’s leaders, Senna and Lucian, gather up an unlikely band of champions to fight back.

That storyline culminated Tuesday in a new cinematic called Absolution. In Absolution, the Sentinels finally rock up on Viego’s doorstep to put his dastardly campaign to an end. Viego and his servants face off against the Sentinels, new champion Akshan uses his special death-undoing weapon to save the day, and Viego is chained in his kingdom of Camavor. It’s a neat ending to an ambitious event.

Players can still log into Wild Rift and the PC League of Legends client to see visual novel-style stories that expand on the events of the cinematic, the Sentinels and their relationships with one another, and the deep lore of characters, like upcoming champion Vex.

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