List of items transferrable from PUBG Mobile to BGMI through data migration

As previously stated by influencers like Ghatak and GodNixon, most things from PUBG Mobile will be transferred to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players rejoiced after hearing this news as they’d be getting all the content of their older accounts back.

However, data migration doesn’t support Google Play Store login, and it can only be done via Twitter or Facebook. The developers have mentioned the list of items being transferred to Battlegrounds Mobile India in the support section. This article looks at the same.

Transferred items from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India


Basic Info

  • Avatar
  • Avatar Frame
  • Title
  • Name Tag
  • Flag information
  • User-level
  • Evo level
  • Basic info setting (Role, My Tags, Signature)

Tier and Statistics

  • Tier Overview Data (Only current season data)
  • Career Results Data (Only current season data)


  • Tier Points
  • Season Recap data (Only current season)
  • Season rewards and missions progress

Ban/Merit Status

  • Ban status and period of the ban

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Achievement system

  • Achievement Points
  • Achievement Progress
  • Achievement Icons
  • Achievement Rewards claim status
  • Achievement Rank data
  • Achievement Compare progress and overall progress (Compare progress is transferred, rank is not transferred)

Social lobby

  • Each Season data in Social Lobby – Tier Overview (Only current season data is transferred)
  • Weapon, Vehicle, Honors display slot unlock status and displayed equipment in Social Lobby (Slot unlock status is transferred, while the display is not transferred)

Cheer Park

  • Emote equipped in Cheer Park

Space Gift

  • Space Gifts (temporary/permanent)

In-game currency

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  • Outfit/Backpack
  • Weapon skin
  • Vehicle skin
  • Loadout skin
  • Item (Some of the items may not be transferred due to the New App’s different system)


  • X-Suit skin upgrade progress
  • Display items acquired through X-Suit skin in an upgrade in the inventory

Upgradable weapon

  • Weapon unlock status
  • Weapon level
  • Weapon upgrade materials
  • Weapon part unlock status

Partner system

  • Partner unlock status
  • Partner-White Falcon level

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Weapon DIY

  • Acquisition status of Recommended Layout
  • Custom Layout creation status
  • Layout slot unlock status
  • Unlock status of weapon pattern, color, and emblem
  • Number of locked weapon pattern slots
  • Unlock status of weapon custom pattern and how many can be produced
  • Mirror feature’s availability on the weapon pattern display

Character system

  • Character acquisition status
  • Level info after character level-up
  • Character set unlock status
  • Character voice unlock status
  • Vehicle acquisition status
  • Vehicle level
  • Vehicle part unlock status

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RP Pass

  • RP purchase, level, points
  • RP consecutive purchases and EZ Mission license
  • RP level reward (status, reward), exchange item (status, reward, exchangeable amounts)
  • Status or choosing either RP UC or AG rewards obtained (Status of choosing either UC or AG is not transferred, other items are transferred)
  • RP theme set (status, reward); RP item (point card, vouchers, level-up cards, mission cards)
  • Relaunch crate (Crate type, crate item ban status, acquisition status, receipt of reward, crate ban option type, number of crate ban option, crate ban expense, crate replacement status)
  • RP season data file, Week 1 ranking file, ranking reward file (Only current season data is transferred)
  • Badge level, RP value for RP badge



  • Status of reward obtained downloaded


  • Separate lobby and combat video quality: picture quality, frame setting, screen setting
  • Overall setting: Anti-aliasing, color weakness, shades, brightness, notch screen UI application, automatic adjustment
  • Sound setting: Sound quality, screen sound volume and sound effect, voice

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TDM Weapon settings

  • Customized weapon settings after unlocking weapon and parts in the global version

Mission system

  • Daily Mission data
  • Progress Missions
  • Season challenge missions
  • Daily Missions – Weekly Activity, Season challenge – Season Match Time
  • Mission card amount
  • RP mission progress


  • Beginner mission progress

Team-up Platform

  • Team-up voice rating and number of ratings

Ace Badge

  • Display Ace Badge on the upper right side of the social lobby
  • Ace Badge display data


  • CD
  • Vehicle playlist system settings

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