Loki Episode 4 Mid-Credit Scene Explained: What Happens in This Secret Scene in Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel Series? (Stock Market Pioneer Exclusive)

You thought episode 3 of Loki had some huge surprises? Well, the latest episode of the Marvel’s Disney+ series, directed by Kate Herron, has a lot more to offer, including some very unexpected twists (and some kinda predictable ones). And of course, as the tradition goes with the Disney+ series when it comes to fourth episodes, there is a mid-credit scene for Loki too. There is a lot to wrap in that scene, so before we go ahead, let’s warn you that they are plenty of SPOILERS in the post ahead. So tread carefully. Loki Episode 3 Song Dark Moon: From Artiste to Lyrics, Know More About Track Played During End-Credits of Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel Series.

So after learning that most of the TVA operatives are Variants in the third episode, in the fourth episode it is time for Mobius (owen Wilson) and Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) to realise that they are, in fact, variants. And judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who used to be a Hunter (and had taken in Sylvie as a kid before she escaped) knew about it, thus making her an antagonist And yes, she gets Mobius pruned, so there’s that.

Also, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) finally get to meet the three mysterious Time-keepers, and after battling Ravonna and her men, Sylvie attacks one of the Time-keepers only to realise all of them are androids. This makes them, and us, wonder who really created TVA. Loki Episode 2 Ending Explained: Who Is Lady Loki and How Did She Bomb the Sacred Timeline?

Before Loki could figure that out, and perhaps profess his love for Sylvie (as Mobius pointed out, Loki is unbeatable at narcissism even in romance), he is shockingly pruned by Rovanna, leaving Sylvie and her in a standoff.

Watch Lok Mid-Season Trailer:

If you think that was the end of God of Mischief whom we have known till now, let me remind you that there are still two more episodes to go. You don’t even need to wait for the next episode to drop on Disney+ Hotstar next Wednesday to find that out. Just let the main credits go by, and you will be treated with the first post-credit scene of Loki series.

What Happens There?

In the mid-credit scene, Loki wakes up and wonders if he is dead and whether he is in Hel. Then he hears a voice saying that ‘Not yet, but you will be…’. As he gets up to see who spoke, he sees four Loki Variants facing him in what seems to be a derelict place with ruins around (kinda reminded me of Sakaar). The person who spoke to him completes the sentence, ‘… unless you come with us.’

Who Are These Loki’s And What Does This Scene Mean?

There are three human Loki’s in the scene, one of whom is played by the Oscar nominee Richard E Grant, whose casting news was already put before the series dropped in. Going by the cast details in the episode’s end-credits, Richard E Grant plays Classic Loki. This is the version of the character that rules over the Marvel comics for about 40 years since his first appearance in 1962. The character is easily recognisable with his bright yellow and green attire, and is older in appearance.

Then there is the Kid Loki, who is played by Jack Veal (Tin Star). This character made his debut in the Marvel comics in 2010, after the original Loki had died, but before he does so, he created a chain of events that leads to him being born again. As a child, with a different personality.

While Kid Loki did maintain the magical qualities of the original, he used it for more positive outcomes. Kid Loki’s run was shortlived as he had to pave way for the original iteration to return, so we are curious to see if that happens in the series as well.

The third Loki we meet is black and in the credits, goes by the name ‘Boastful Loki’. He is played by actor Deobia Oparei (Game of Thrones). It is not yet confirmed what kind of Loki he is from the comics.

The biggest surprise of the Loki variant that Kid Loki is holding in his hand. It is a small crocodile that has a Loki helmet! He is Crocodile Loki – yup, Loki has turned into an animal too, and rightly as per his attitude, is reptilian at that. Again, like Boastful Loki, this one is a mystery.

With these variants, along with our Loki still alive, we are now curious as to what happens when a person gets pruned. Where is this mysterious location and does this have more to do with the pruned person’s history? Like Mobius, after being pruned, would have gone to his own purgatory, that has other variants of him? Questions… Questions!

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