‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Extended Trailer-A Rumored Outside Child, Unfamiliar Faces, Broken Friendships, & More! (Exclusive)

Ooohhhwwweee! #Roomies, y’all need to gather ‘round and let me pour y’all this tea!

Chile, as we all know “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is the reality show that just keeps on giving. Since 2019, they have been putting us in their business, especially Martell and Melody Holt.

But the recently divorced couple is now attempting to go their separate ways and co-parent.

Y’all know Martell always says other folks got stuff going on too, and now it looks like somebody spent the bottle and it’s now time for Marsau and Latisha’s marriage to be called to the carpet.

Remember a few seasons ago when Melody and Martell tag teamed the couple and insinuated that Marsau cheated on Latisha with multiple women?

In the exclusive extended trailer obtained by #TSR, a conversation about a rumored outside child possibly fathered by Marsau is discussed. Marsau even tells Latisha that if she had an outside child, he wouldn’t divorce her…Chile!

If that ain’t enough, tell me why Kimmy and Ms. Wanda had a heated discussion? Y’all know Latisha is going to defend her mama, Ms. Wanda, which causes Kimmi and Latisha to also get spicy with one another.

Then, apparently Melody and Destiny’s friendship appears to be broken. It looks like Melody invites a new friend to lunch and Destiny wasn’t here for it at all. As a matter of fact, the lady by the name of Tiffany, says that Destiny tried to act brand new when she tried to speak.

Listen! This season looks like it’s givin’ what it needs to give. Check it out, Roomies!

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