Madden 22 ratings: Top 3 rookie snubs

The top rookie ratings were released for Madden 22 as the countdown begins for the release of the game. The top ten rookies for Madden 22 are:

Kyle Pitts – 81

Trevor Lawrence – 78

Jaylen Waddle – 76

Patrick Surtain ll – 76

Zach Wilson – 75

Ja’Marr Chase – 75

DeVonta Smtih – 75

Penei Sewell – 75

Trey Lance – 74

Justin Fields – 74.

Kyle Pitts leads all rookies in Madden 22 and was one of the most anticipated prospects entering the draft. But there seems to be some snubs on this list.

Top three rookie snubs in Madden 22

#1 Penei Sewell

Penei Sewell was the seventh overall pick by the Detroit Lions and the first OL taken. He has the eighth-best rookie Madden 22 rating, which is a bit low for a player like him.

He was the best OL in the draft by a mile and will be an immediate starter for the Lions. It was a snub to give him the same overall rating as WR Ja’Marr Chase, who some say could be a bust as a top-five pick.

In 2019, Sewell allowed zero sacks at Oregon. and was a unanimous 1st-Team All-American. A 77 or 78 rating would have been more acceptable.

#2 Jaycee Horn

Jaycee Horn was the eighth overall pick and first CB taken in the draft by the Carolina Panthers. Horn is the only top-ten draft selection not to make the top-ten rookie ratings for Madden 22. The ninth overall pick, CB Patrick Surtain ll, made the list with a 76, though. Is Surtain a better prospect than Horn?

Horn had fewer INTs in Surtain in college, but you could argue he was a better shut-down corner and contributed better against the run. As a freshman at South Carolina, Horn was named All-SEC. Horn’s Madden 22 rating should have been at least a 75 or a 76.

#3 Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

Trevor Lawrence was the first overall pick and went to the Jacksonville Jaguars as their potential face of the franchise.

#1 picks don’t always get the top rookie rating, but to give him a 78 in Madden 22 is a sham. Joe Burrow’s rookie rating in Madden 21 was a 76, but Trevor Lawrence is a much better prospect than Burrow.

So Lawrence should have received at least a rating of 80. He’s a dual-threat QB with numerous collegiate records, a National Championship title, and was a 1st-Team All-American. Was his injury in 2020 a reason to drop his rating?

It should also be noted here that Mac Jones received a 71 Madden 22 rookie rating, which seems low for a potential starter. He is not much of a mobile QB, though, and has limited experience as a starter. WR Jaylen Waddle makes sense as the top WR over Ja’Marr Chase and his Heisman-winning teammate DeVonta Smith.

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