Man’s throat slit, woman choked, 48 charged at Kentucky ‘Redneck Rave’

A “Redneck Rave” in Kentucky got rowdy, with reports of a man’s throat slit, a woman choked in a fight over a blanket and a man impaled on a branch.

Forty-eight people were charged, 14 arrested and others were injured in a list bizarre accidents at a five-day festival in Mammoth Cave billed as “the biggest country event you’ll ever go to,” according to WNKY.

In one of the strangest incidents of the music-themed Rave was a man whose throat was slit by a “friend,” The Lexington Herald-Leader reported on Tuesday. The questionable pal is still at large, the report said.

Edmonson County sheriff’s deputies arrested a 29-year-old man for strangling a woman in an argument over a blanket, the paper reported. The man denied doing it, but the woman’s neck showed signs of fingerprints and pressure, according to the report.

Overall, 48 people were charged in the incident at the rave.
Overall, 48 people were charged at the rowdy rave.

Accidents included a man who drove a vehicle over a 2- or 3-inch thick “log” and ended up with it piercing his abdomen.

“When it tried to come out through his back it was stopped by a steel plate in his seat,” Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle told the Herald-Leader. The man was transported to the hospital with the branch still inside him.

Another man lost part of a finger when a car crushed hand.

Throat slit, woman strangled, 48 arrested at 'Redneck Rave' in Kentucky.
A report indicated there were were over a dozen arrested in the incident.

The event, held June 16-20 in Blue Holler Offroad Park, had thousands attending which overwhelmed the sparsely populated region, the sheriff said. The town where the event was held doesn’t have a traffic light and the county is a dry county, the Herald-Leader reported.

When deputies set up a traffic stop outside of the event, they made an arrest on the first stop — finding meth and marijuana during a search, the sheriff told the newspaper. Two of the passengers had active arrest warrants, he added.

“We were like ‘well, this doesn’t bode well for the weekend,’” Doyle reportedly said.

Throat slit, woman strangled, 48 arrested at 'Redneck Rave' in Kentucky.
There were six different felony charges in the mix of crimes, according to the report

There were six felony charges in total and 30 of the charges were on drugs and alcohol, according to WNKY. Sixty-three traffic citations were also issued, the report said.

No one answered a call from The Post at the sheriff’s office on Tuesday evening. An email from The Post wasn’t immediately responded to by Redneck Rave representatives.

A Facebook post on the group’s page called the event a success. Another Redneck Rave is scheduled in October, according to the post.

The five-day festival was called "the biggest country event you’ll ever go to."
The five-day festival was labeled “the biggest country event you’ll ever go to.”

“We can definitely improve on a lot of things to make the one in October run a lot better… we are listening to all your suggestions,” the post said. “This was the biggest event we’ve ever done and with as many people and random things that popped up unexpectedly I feel like we all handled it very well.”

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