Marilyn Manson Released on Bail After Turning Himself in on Assault Charges

Marilyn Manson spent time in a police jail last week after turning himself in to Los Angeles police in response to an out-of-state arrest warrant over an alleged spitting incident.

The 52-year-old rocker, whose birth name is Brian Warner, faces two class A misdemeanor assault charges following the reported incident involving a videographer while performing in Gilford, New Hampshire in 2019. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department inmate records show Manson was detained at an L.A. jail on July 2.

Anthony J. Bean Burpee, chief of police in Gilford, told E! News in a statement on Thursday, July 8, that the rocker turned himself in to L.A. authorities in relation to the 2019 arrest warrant issued for acts that allegedly took place at the New Hampshire concert. Manson was processed and released on personal recognizance bail, the police chief said.

Burpee added, “As an agency, we are pleased with Mr. Warner’s decision to finally address the arrest warrant that has been outstanding since 2019.”

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In May, after the Gilford police made the arrest warrant public, Manson’s attorney told the TV station NBC10 in Boston, “It is no secret to anyone who has attended a Marilyn Manson concert that he likes to be provocative on stage, especially in front of a camera. This misdemeanor claim was pursued after we received a demand from a venue videographer for more than $35,000 after a small amount of spit came into contact with their arm. After we asked for evidence of any alleged damages, we never received a reply.”

The lawyer continued, “This whole claim is ludicrous, but we remain committed to cooperating with authorities, as we have done throughout.”

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson

Three eyewitnesses at the concert told People in May they saw Manson spit and “shoot his snot” at the camerawoman. One of them said, “He was spitting everywhere and one time it got on her camera so she wiped it off and looked semi-irritated. I think her final straw is he got on the floor, got within 2-3 feet of her and hacked a giant snot rocket at her, not the camera. She was pissed off and disgusted so she stormed off and he just laughed.”

The rocker is due to be arraigned at a court in New Hampshire. The date was not disclosed. If convicted, the musician would face a possible maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Manson’s arrest charges come as he faces unrelated accusations of abuse by several women, four of whom who have filed civil lawsuits against him for alleged sexual assault—Game of Thrones star and his former girlfriend Esmé Bianco, another ex who has remained anonymous, his former assistant Ashley Walters, and last month, model Ashley Morgan Smithline.

The rocker has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with a crime in relation to the claims. In February, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced that its Special Victims Bureau is “investigating allegation(s) of domestic violence” involving Manson.

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