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Rise, shine and get your startup on, early founders. It’s Day One of TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing and Fundraising! Get ready to be schooled — in the best way possible — on essential skills, tips and tactics every founder needs to build a successful startup. And, like the sign says, the emphasis this time around is on marketing and raising funds — with plenty of experienced speakers to guide you.

Pro (crastination) Tip: It’s not too late to attend. Buy a ticket at the virtual door.

We’re about to highlight a few of the info-packed presentations on tap today — just to wet your whistle. But first, here’s how Ashley Barrington, founder of MarketPearl, described Early Stage 2020.

They offered a great variety of sessions and speakers — top investors, founders and credible subject-matter experts — who gave unique insights based on personal experience. You get great mentorship through attending the Early Stage sessions. It’s like a mini masterclass in entrepreneurship.

Be sure to check the event agenda to scope out what interests you the most. Remember, your pass includes video on demand. If you need to get a bit of work done or find that two sessions you want to attend conflict, relax. You can catch everything you missed later at your leisure.

Nailing Your Pitch: Companies aren’t started at the moment of fund raising begins but they can often end there. Nailing your pitch is integral to success. Hear from Adina Tecklu, principal at Khosla Ventures, on how to tell your story and leave investors wanting more.

How to Capitalize on Being Coached: Ted Wang, partner at Cowboy Ventures, comes from the legal world where he was a partner at Fenwick. In short, he’s seen his fair share of startup success and failure. At Early Stage, Wang will explain the value of coaching for startup founders, including the different types of coaches one might utilize, how to choose between them, and how to get the most out of a good coach.

What’s Your Story? You can have a compelling product, but it’s a compelling story that puts your company into motion. In this session, Doug Landis, former Chief Storyteller and GTM leader from Box, Salesforce and Google, will share the core storytelling mechanics to help you nail your origin, product and customer stories that will get your company in motion.

Deep Tech — How to Raise Early in a Notoriously Tough Category: The greatest evolutions in our history have not come from small technological steps, but giant leaps. Frontier tech is the future, but it’s not particularly accessible to average folks. Hear from IndieBio partner Pae Wu and HAX partner Garrett Winther on how to fundraise for your deep tech startup.

School is now in session! It’s not too late to get access to the networking, the community and learning more about the best ways to drive your business forward. Get your ticket for instant access now!

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