McCaskill ‘not interested’ in ambassadorship as former Senate colleagues land roles

Former Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill says she’s not interested in an ambassadorship.

The two-term senator-turned-MSNBC-political-analyst’s name had been floated as a potential candidate for an ambassadorship in Europe, including the prestigious posting in the United Kingdom.

McCaskill had been silent about the speculation until Friday, when she firmly rejected the idea.

“Nope. Not me,” McCaskill said on Twitter in response to a Politico reporter speculating about a possible appointment. “Not interested.”

McCaskill’s tweets came hours after multiple outlets reported that Biden had selected Jane Hartley as his ambassador to the United Kingdom. Hartley, a major Democratic fundraiser, served as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to France.

This week, Biden selected two of McCaskill’s former senate colleagues for ambassadorships: Arizona Republican Jeff Flake as ambassador to Turkey and New Mexico Democrat Tom Udall as ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa.

McCaskill’s comments appear to rule out the possibility that she’ll taking a post. She told McClatchy in a short statement that she is happy with her current position at MSNBC, which she would have to give up to become a diplomat.

“I am thrilled with life after politics and could not be happier with my new found freedom to both express my opinions and spend time with my family,” said McCaskill, who has 14 grandchildren.

In her role as an analyst, McCaskill has been outspoken on a variety of issues since leaving public office following her 2018 defeat to Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley.

Earlier this month, she caused a social media stir when she said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that she planned to watch the New York Times’ compilation of footage from Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol as a new Fourth of July tradition.

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