Mets have a new plan to keep Jacob deGrom out of All-Star Game

One way or another, Jacob deGrom appears headed toward getting out of his trip to Colorado.

The Mets ace was initially scheduled to start Tuesday and Sunday, which would have kept him from pitching in the All-Star Game next Tuesday in Denver. But even after having Tuesday’s start washed out — he is on the mound Wednesday afternoon against the Brewers in Game 1 of a doubleheader — deGrom could still make an abbreviated start Sunday on short rest, according to manager Luis Rojas.

“There is a scenario where Jake could pitch Sunday for us,” said Rojas, who does not currently have another starter available for Sunday in part because of Tuesday’s rainout and Wednesday’s doubleheader.

“It could be [a good idea] if he treats it as a side day. If not, he wouldn’t be pitching for 10 days. So it’s either that or treat that as a side day, which is something he’s going to do anyways. So there is a scenario. I just want to get through today and see how he feels and then we can start those conversations more seriously.”

Jacob deGrom does not want to pitch in the All-Star Game in Colorado.
Jacob deGrom does not want to pitch in the All-Star Game in Colorado.
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After having multiple injury scares during his dominant first half, including one trip to the IL, deGrom previously told The Post’s Mike Puma that he would not pitch in the All-Star Game because of his scheduled Sunday start. Additionally, deGrom noted that after the last time he pitched in Colorado earlier this season, he began to feel “banged up,” possibly because of the altitude.

The four-time All-Star has a strong in-between-starts routine that includes throwing two bullpens. One of those could now potentially take place in a real game, Rojas suggested, to give the Mets “a couple innings” before they head into the break.

“If we don’t have a starter and we have guys that are available out of our bullpen and there’s a rested Jake, without doing his side work, he could use it as his side work and give us a couple innings and then we’re like a bullpen day going into the break,” Rojas said.


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