Mewtwo raid counters and weaknesses for July 2021

Players are going to have to bring their elite game to raids now that Mewtwo is a raid boss in Pokemon GO.

Mewtwo is well known for being solidly overpowered ever since it rested in Cerulean Cave in Generation I, and Niantic clearly tried to make it just as powerful in Pokemon GO. Of course, the 300 base Attack is a good indicator of its prowess.

What really makes Mewtwo strong, though, is it’s moveset. It learns about half a dozen great coverage charge moves that deal with all of Mewtwo’s counters. Trainers are definitely going to want to have some of these Pokemon going into this raid battle.

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Which Pokemon have hope at taking down this fearsome legendary Pokemon?

Mathematically speaking, Mega Gengar is the best Mewtwo raid counter. It has the quickest TTK with its huge Attack stat and the combination of Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.

The issue with relying on Mega Gengar, however, is that this Pokemon is Poison-type as well as Ghost-type. This means it will take super effective damage from Mewtwo’s attacks, namely Psycho Cut and Psychic.

Seeing as Mega Gengar doesn’t have the greatest defense, it could possibly faint before it picks up the KO on Mewtwo, especially if it doesn’t have other teammates.

Due to this small issue, the most optimal way to beat Mewtwo becomes its Shadow form. Shadow Mewtwo is often considered the king of Pokemon GO for its offensive godliness, but it also has a quick TTW on Mewtwo while only relying on the Shadow Ball charge move.

While Shadow Mewtwo does a great job in the Mewtwo raid (and just about every other raid), it certainly isn’t necessary to win out. Other more easily available Pokemon can perform well in this battle.

Chandelure, which is not legendary by any means, has a decent TTW at 619.8 seconds.

Hydreigon and Banette are two other budget options for the Mewtwo raid. Granted, Hydreigon is a pseudo legendary that not many trainers will get their hands on. Banette will be one of the more common Ghost-types, though, and can beat out Mewtwo with its Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball set.

There are two other Pokemon that are reasonably available and perform well in the Mewtwo raid, but they’re extremely risky. Normally, Weavile and Tyranitar would both be great against Mewtwo, as they are both strong Dark-types. Unfortunately, though, Mewtwo learns Focus Blast.

If this move is used, it does quadruple damage to both Weavile and Tyranitar and likely knows them out.

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