Michael Bisping picks his ‘fight to watch’ at UFC 264

Whilst Michael Bisping will not be part of the commentary team for UFC 264, he has still been promoting the event with passion during its buildup.

With the monumental PPV card now less than a week away, Bisping has revealed which fight outside of the main card is his ‘one to watch.’

Bisping recently featured on BT Sport’s Fight Week: UFC 264 Preview Show, where he and Nick Peet were asked which two fights they believed were the two standouts aside from the main card. Bisping’s choice will no doubt be mirrored by fans and media alike, as he went with:

“Niko Price vs. Michel Pereira.”

Michael Bisping talks Price vs. Pereira

Michael Bisping’s reasoning behind picking out the fight between Price and Pereira is primarily down to their exciting styles that nearly always lead to explosive matchups in the octagon.

Price is known for picking up victories in very unorthodox ways, having KO’d two opponents off his back. Michael Bisping said:

“The guys had fourteen wins, thirteen stoppages. Ten knockouts, three submissions. He’s never been to a decision in his life… The man is truly live by the sword, die by the sword. He’s unpredictable. He’s got crazy upkick victories. He brings it every time.”

Whilst Price occasionally utilizes unorthodox techniques as a supplement to his incredibly well rounded style, Michel Pereira is essentially the definition of the word unorthodox. Michael Bisping describes him as follows:

“Talking of value for money, and weirdness and unorthodox capabilites and just throwing caution to the wind. Michel Pereira is a wild man. He’s doing back flips, he’s jumping off the fence, he’s doing a little salsa hips as he’s walking in. But behind all of that is a gigantic welterweight with big knockout power. Any man who can do that many backflips has knockout power,” Michael Bisping said.

The two exhilarating welterweights will meet on the preliminary card of UFC 264. The fact that their fight did not make it onto the main card is just testimony to how stacked the whole event is.

A win for either man on such a big platform could easily see them break into the division’s top 15 and begin their ascent up the rankings.


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