Michael Bisping sings praises of Anderson Silva after boxing win

Michael Bisping has explained why Anderson Silva was able to make a strong transition into boxing – unlike Ben Askren.

When Askren made his way over into the squared circle to fight Jake Paul, he was dramatically outmatched and wound up being knocked out by the YouTuber.

In contrast, Anderson Silva pulled off a huge upset by defeating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., leaving many to wonder whether ‘The Spider’ will continue his venture into boxing by potentially fighting Roy Jones Jr., or maybe even the Paul brothers themselves.

Michael Bisping, who fought Anderson inside the octagon, had the following thoughts on his success.

“A few weeks ago you were all riding the coattails of Ben Askren, saying ‘oh he’s so good, he’s so good, he’s gonna destroy Jake Paul’, and of course he didn’t, then everyone thought MMA fighters couldn’t box to save their lives. Then the boxing community were like ‘MMA fighters suck’.”

“Thank god, praise the lord for Anderson Silva. He went out there and beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and he made it look easy! Today, order is restored in the world!”

“That’s what I said – I said he’s [Ben Askren] not a representative [of MMA]. I said no, Ben Askren is gonna get his ass kicked! Well, at the weekend, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr was a well respected boxer, he was a world champion, he had 52 professional victories, like six losses or something like that, went the distance with Canelo Alvarez not too long ago – and Anderson had fun. He beat him at his own game at 46 years old!”

Anderson Silva has established himself as a combat sports maestro

Anderson Silva is an absolute force of nature, and while his mixed martial arts journey may not have come to the most satisfying conclusion in the UFC, this fight offered him the chance for redemption – and he took it.

Whether he carries on with this journey is irrelevant because, as far as we’re concerned, this showcased why Anderson Silva is still so beloved by MMA fans across the globe.

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