Michael Costello announces break from social media as he slams Chrissy Teigen over fake screenshot allegations

Michael Costello and Chrissy Teigen’s online drama made headlines last week. The fashion designer accused Teigen of bullying him in the past based on “photoshopped” racist comments.

Michael Costello’s claims against Chrissy came following the latter’s public apology for harassing and bullying American model Courtney Stodden. After maintaining days of silence on the Michael Costello issue, Chrissy addressed the situation by calling the screenshots from Costello “fabricated.”

Teigen’s husband John Legend also called out Michael Costello through a series of tweets for faking the DM exchange with Chrissy.

In response to Chrissy Teigen’s latest allegations, Michael Costello has called out the model once again. He mentioned that Teigen will always be “the same bully she always has been.”

Following the ongoing drama, the designer has also announced his break from social media.

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Michael Costello claps back at Chrissy Teigen over fake screenshot allegations

The online drama between Michael Costello and Chrissy Teigen began when the former blamed the model for calling him racist based on a few fake comments. Costello also accused Chrissy of creating smear campaigns and blacklisting him from the industry.

In a now-deleted post, the 38-year-old also shared past DMs with Chrissy where she threatened his career and asked him “to suffer and die.” Michael shared that Chrissy’s actions left him depressed and traumatized for the past seven years.

He also mentioned having “thoughts of suicide” for the consequences he had faced because of Teigen’s bullying. In a recent response to Costello’s claims, Chrissy deemed his allegations to be “fake” and called him out for fabricating the incident.

Michael Costello was quick to clap back at Chrissy once again. The designer took to his Instagram to share that Chrissy continues to be the “same bully” despite her public apology.

“The fact that Chrissy Teigen and her crisis team are working so hard, so strategically to come out against the fm’s she sent me, and to downplay the comments she publicly posted on my Instagram, only proves that she is the same bully she always has been, despite her fake apology to the public.”

Costello also continued to maintain his allegations against Chrissy. He confirmed having “receipts of emails and confirmations” from companies that blacklisted him on Chrissy’s saying.

In a shocking turn of events, Michael also announced a break from social media considering his mental health.

“It is a messy situation for everyone. But I spoke the truth and I have nothing left to say and nothing left in me to keep fighting against her. Moving forward, I am taking a break from social media for my mental health.”

The “Project Runway” alum also confirmed the latest statement being his last on the issue.

He closed off saying he would further refrain from commenting about the drama with Chrissy.

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