Microsoft brings ‘quake mode’ to Windows Terminal

A new version of Windows Terminal has been released by Microsoft to run command-line apps with one new Quake mode aspect.

The new Windows Terminal Preview update comes as the Microsoft’s Build conference for 2021 ends and marks 2-year launch anniversary of open-source app for developers using PowerShell, Command Prompt and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

The Windows Terminal Preview version 1.8 includes quake mode that lets users fire up one new terminal from any point in Windows just by entering shortcut Win+. It could be dismissed using this same shortcut.

With the new Windows Terminal Preview version, the users can make it their default emulator in Windows, letting any command line app to function within the selected emulator. For instance, double clicking PowerShell will open it within the Windows Terminal Preview automatically.

The new terminal emulator setting can be availed in the recently released ‘Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21390.’ One can find the setting within console property sheet as well as in settings UI available in the Windows Terminal Preview.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has created one italic variant of the font Cascadia Code as well that’s developed only for the Windows Terminal. Besides, the company is also introducing Hebrew and Arabic characters to the font Cascadia Code by mid-June.

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