Mike Leach wants a 64-team College Football Playoff

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach wants the College Football Playoff to be 16-times bigger.

“I think 12 teams is a huge step in the right direction,” Leach said at the 2021 SEC Media Day on Wednesday at the potential of an expanded playoff system.

“I personally would like to see 64, and you could map it out pretty easily.”

Leach, who added 12 teams is “never enough,” noted that Mississippi State president Mark Keenum – Chairman of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers – is on the College Football Playoff committee, so “they’re in good hands.”

The College Football Playoff announced in June that it is considering expanding the tournament from four to 12 teams.

While Leach is a fan, the potential change has been widely met with skepticism by some. North Carolina coach Mack Brown said earlier this month that his team does not support the proposal.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney added Tuesday that his players aren’t in favor of the “inevitable” expansion to 12 teams.

“Our team isn’t for it,” Swinney said. “They don’t want to play more games. And, to be honest with you, I don’t know if there’s 12 teams good enough. So you’re going to play more games just to play more games.

“And I think the more you expand it, the less important the season becomes and the more you become the NFL, as far as all right, you’re in the playoffs? Well, you know, why play Trevor [Lawrence] in this game if you’re already in? All of a sudden you’re not in the top-12 and kids just aren’t playing.”

Leach, 60, also made headlines Wednesday for his witty opening statement – one that lasted just under 15 seconds.

“Alright, I’m not a big opening statement guy, and plus, you guys are going to ask whatever you want to know anyway,” Leach said. “So let’s just go ahead and get started. Is there any questions?”

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