Mom confesses that her abused little boy died while she had sex at hotel

A Houston, Texas, mom has made the horrifying confession to police that while her eight-year-old son lay dying from “horrendous injuries,” she was busy having sex in a hotel, The U.S. Sun reports.

The boy who died in the hotel while his mom was having sex was covered in bruises and belt marks.

Young Keyontae Holzendorf was found dead in the hotel room on March 23 with “numerous injuries to his head, neck and abdomen, ligature marks on his wrists and ankles and missing skin where duct tape was removed.”

Concerns had been raised about the little boy’s welfare three weeks before he died in the hotel room while his mom had sex nearby.

A report released on Thursday reveals how concerns had been raised about the youngster three weeks before his death.

‘HELLISH’ ABUSE: Mom ‘had sex as her son, 8, died in hotel room’ 3 weeks after he was found with ‘horrendous injuries’ and BELT marks

The mom, Kayla Holzendorf, and her common-law husband, Dominique Lewis, have been charged with injury to a child and tampering with evidence after they had sex in the hotel while the boy died.

The couple claimed ignorance as to how the little boy died.

The mom said that she sent the boy to have a bath in the hotel bathroom while she busied herself with sexual gratification.

ABC 13 reports that the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services had contact with the child on February 28.

His mother, Kayla Holzendorf, and her common-law husband, Dominique Lewis, are charged with injury to a child and tampering with evidence and remain in jail.

8-year-old boy had numerous scars ‘indicative of belt whippings’ 3 weeks before death, report says

The department got wind that something was amiss in this child’s home life after a stranger spotted him outside of a Houston grocery store and phoned in a report of potential child abuse.

KESQ reports that the stranger took a video of the child and sent it to the police.

Local cops took a report about the boy who would go on to die in the hotel while his mom had sex in the next room. Then the police referred the case to CPS.

The child’s mom told CPS that he fell off his bike. However, after the boy died in the hotel during his mom’s sexual experience, it became abundantly clear that his injuries were inconsistent with a bicycling accident.

It was late February when a stranger saw Keyontae outside a grocery store in west Houston and suspected abuse. She took a video of him talking to Houston police. The images are now haunting.

Report: 8-yo had scars ‘indicative of belt whippings’ before death

After the mom’s fateful sexual tryst in the hotel room, medical staffers observed that there were “numerous scars” on the boy’s back that were “indicative of belt whippings.”

Kayla Holzendorf blamed the marks on a former boyfriend. 

“Here is a case where we had a child who was abused and because not enough investigation went on, they really reunited the child with his abuser,” said Bob Sanborn, CEO of Children-At-Risk. “Can you imagine? This was hell for this young boy. This was sort of worst-case scenario and as you read this report, you’re devastated for him.”

The Houston Chronicle reports that according to a local prosecutor, the boy’s death amounted to a “long-term torture case.”

The couple appeared Friday morning in Harris County criminal court before Judge Hilary Unger. Prosecutor Gilbert Sawtelle revealed more details in what he called a “long-term torture case,” saying that he suspects Lewis, who is not the boy’s biological father, was the main culprit in the child’s death.

Prosecutor describes death of Keyontae Holzendorf as a ‘long-term torture case’

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