Multibagger stock for 2022: Experts give buy tag to this penny stock

Asit Manohar: Multibagger penny stock for 2022: When there is pattern inversion, the penny stock might give sharp potential gain move, trust auxiliary market specialists.

Multibagger penny stock for 2022: Seeing a huge number of multibagger stocks in 2021, positional financial backers are anticipating such stocks that might give a comparable sort of return to them.

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As penny stocks require limited quantity for contributing, a few high gamble financial backers might consider putting resources into penny stocks that might give walloping re-visitation of them. Stock market specialists have picked Vikas Lifecare shares for such increased gamble financial backers.

The penny stock has been under selloff heat because of feeble feeling at the optional business sectors. Nonetheless, a few specialists accept it might arise as multibagger penny stock in 2022.

As indicated by stock market specialists, Vikas Lifecare shares are looking solid on graph example, and it has also made a fascinating value activity. They said that the stock is ready for a sharp potential gain pattern once inversion in the optional market.

They are expecting this penny stock to flood up to ₹12 before the finish of 2022 from the current ₹5 each level.

Talking on Vikas Lifecare’s stock value standpoint, Anuj Gupta, VP at IIFL Protections, said:

The stock has penetrated union zone and has had the option to support over this zone in any event when the market feeling has stayed negative for the most recent multi-week. It looks positive on outline design and may give sharp potential gain move once there is pattern inversion in the optional market.

He said that the penny stock is confronting obstruction at around ₹7.50 to ₹8.0 levels. In any case, when it penetrates this obstacle, it might give sharp potential gain moves in the short to medium term.

Reverberating with Anuj Gupta’s perspectives, Manoj Dalmia, Author and Chief at Capable Values, said:

The basic pattern is sideways yet in the middle person pattern, it has made an intriguing value activity.

After a downtrend breakout on 22nd December 2021, a sharp fall was seen beneath the neck area of the head and shoulder.

From that point, it is forming a triangle. With a strong vertical assembly with a second endeavour of up breakout, it is confronting an opposition under a descending trendline.

Gotten some information about Vikas Lifecare share value target, Anuj Gupta of IIFL protections said:

When there is pattern inversion, the penny stock might give sharp potential gain move, and before the finish of 2022, we are anticipating that this stock should go up to ₹12 each level from its current ₹5 per share levels.

Vikas Lifecare share value history:

Vikas Lifecare shares are one of the multibagger penny stocks in 2021 as it has conveyed around 100% re-visitation of its investors in lat one year. In the most recent half-year, it has given close to 50 per cent return to its investors. In any case, the stock has been in the wrong way for the most recent month, losing around 35% in this period.

The current market capitalization of Vikas Lifecare shares is around ₹582 crore. Its new high is ₹7.95, while its 52-week low is ₹2.46 each. The current exchange volume of the penny stock is 12,61,377, which is a lot below its 20-day average volume of 54,73,444.

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