Mythical Mets secret weapon Donnie Stevenson is back

The Mets’ mythical hitting coach is back.

Donnie Stevenson, originally the alter ego of Pete Alonso, became a reality on Thursday when the Mets first baseman posted an Instagram video pf the legend himself.

“Donnie Stevenson here,” the mustachioed figure said. “That’s right ladies and gentlemen. I’m the real deal. I am alive I exist. Now we’re here at pregame at Citi Field. And the Mets are taking batting practice. Taking some Donnie Diesel advice. See it, believe it, achieve it. Let’s go Mets.”

Stevenson, played by “Young Rock” actor Brett Azar, was dressed in the typical “Stevenson” attire: a bandana and sunglasses, and a handlebar mustache-goatee combo.

Donnie Stevenson
Donnie Stevenson
Pete Alonso on Instagram

Stevenson’s visit to the Mets clubhouse came with some advice, too. The real-life hitting coach for the Mets, Hugh Quattlebaum, posted a video with his counterpart.

Quattlebaum asks Stevenson if it’s worth having his players swing at pitches that they can’t hit for home runs.

“If it ain’t upper deck, it ain’t worth a check,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson first surfaced before the Mets’ May 1 game against the Phillies. The team held a 9-11 record and was struggling offensively. A quick confidence booster was needed.

Enter Alonso. Dressed in a hat and sunglasses, the slugger delivered one simple piece of advice:

“Let’s stop over-thinking things,” he said in his attempt to defuse pressure surrounding the team. “Let’s just go out there, stick to our strengths and let it rip.”

The Mets, now 26-15, have thrived since. They currently sit in first place in the NL East.

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