Na-bi continues to find Jae-won attractive, but she is no more the naive lover

What does it look like when love is finally able to take flight? Nevertheless, episode 5 portrayed how an intimate physical relationship can transition into a comfortable friendship or lead to love.

Na-bi in Nevertheless, episode 5, was able to slowly but surely get comfortable around Jae-eon.

At the end of the last episode of Nevertheless, an angry man punched Jae-eon. Na-bi tried to stop the man and even got hurt in the process. As a result, Jae-eon almost lost his temper, which was portrayed in Nevertheless, episode 5.

Why did Na-bi decide to break up with Jae-eon in Nevertheless, episode 5

The situation was resolved and this man left too. Before that though, he gave a piece of advice to Na-bi in Nevertheless, episode 5. He told her that she should date a respectable man. Even before this incident, Na-bi had decided to break it off with Jae-eon.

All this while, Jae-eon had believed that what he had had with Na-bi was a dalliance. One that he enjoyed. However, he hadn’t expected Na-bi to let go of him first.

Especially after she came to her senses about how she had prioritized him over all the red signals that she had seen.

It came as a shock to Jae-eon in Nevertheless, episode 5, yet it gave him a push to reconsider how he had thought of relationships so far. Initially, he let Na-bi go after he was a jerk to her.

He made it appear as if he was not affected by her decision.

The truth was that he was affected enough to break a date with Seol-ah, the only girl he claimed to love. This time, he attempted to get closer to Na-bi as a friend. He volunteered to assist her on her upcoming project in Nevertheless, episode 5.

Initially, Na-bi was worried. She believed that he only agreed to assist her because of their dynamics. She wanted him to like her art. When he said that he looked forward to her work, she was excited.

Until then, what Na-bi lacked when it came to working was inspiration and focus.

Her previously failed relationship put her in a bind and her flirtation with Jae-eon distracted her. Ironically though, it was something that Jae-eon had said which gave Na-bi the push to redo her work.

Her sculpture could be interpreted as being destroyed or in the process of being made. Something similar to her relationship with Jae-eon, which is also open for interpretation.

It made her art professor who was unhappy with her earlier work excited. She had just moved into a space where she was comfortable enough to be around Jae-eon as a friend.

Na-bi comes out strong in an argument with Seol-ah in Nevertheless, episode 5

Just when she found a good space to be in around Jae-eon, she met Seol-ah at the university. Something that neither Jae-eon nor Na-bi were aware of, is that Seol-ah had seen the two of them together at his workshop.

To top this off, Jae-eon, who was usually at her beck and call, broke a date with her. She is in the mood to get back at Na-bi in some form. That is why she tried to talk to her about Jae-won and even confirmed if the two were just friends.

Na-bi initially tried to be cordial and said that they were friends indeed. She also asked Seol-ah who she was to Jae-eon, and learned that the two used to date. Seol-ah also explained that the two began to see each other recently.

The snark in Seol-ah’s comment in Nevertheless, episode 5 is what rubbed Na-bi the wrong way. She had previously heard Seol-ah discuss her haircut.

She referred to it and said Seol-ah should keep her hair long if she was seeing Jae-won again. Considering he liked to “do it” when the woman’s hair was tied up.

The remark was one of the show’s high points, just for the raging comeback.

As of Nevertheless, episode 5, Na-bi was no longer naive and her temper is what would make the rest of the show exciting.

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