Nate Diaz diagress with judges on UFC Vegas 30 opener

Shortly after the first fight on the UFC Vegas 30 card, Nate Diaz took to Twitter to showcase his love towards lightweight fighter Yancy Medeiros. The lightweight fighter opened the card against Damir Hadzovic in a fight that caught the attention of many.

In the first two rounds of the fight, Medeiros was battered but the veteran lightweight refused to quit. Medeiros kept moving forward in the final minutes of the fight and even took his opponent down to the ground.

Despite showing signs of a late comeback, Medeiros couldn’t quite secure a stunning victory. Eventually, it was Hadzovic who took home the win. Yancy’s incredible show of heart caught the attention of UFC star Nate Diaz, who took to Twitter to claim that Medeiros won the fight, regardless of what anyone thought.

Here’s what Nate Diaz tweeted out:

Nate Diaz further wrote that the fight was almost a done deal and praised the bout in general with another subsequent tweet:

Nate Diaz himself recently put on a masterclass against Leon Edwards

In Nate Diaz’s return fight at UFC 263, the ‘West Coast Gangster’ fought Leon Edwards in a five-round bout. The fan-favorite fighter was pretty much dominated by Edwards for the entire fight. By the end of the bout however, it was Diaz who once again stole the show.

Despite being hammered by Edwards for almost 24 minutes, Nate Diaz caught ‘Rocky’ with a brutal left-hand shot that left the Brit wobbly on his feet. Diaz, instead of finishing the fight, taunted Edwards and pointed at him, stealing the show in classic Nate Diaz fashion.

At UFC Vegas 30, Yancy Medeiros almost pulled off a last-minute win in Nate Diaz fashion but couldn’t quite get there. Nevertheless, the opening bout of UFC Vegas 30 certainly set the tone nicely for the rest of the night, despite the fact that Medeiros has lost his last four octagon outings.

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Edited by Jack Cunningham


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